Cricket quenches the thirst ?

Millions in India are going through a severe drought affecting a major part of the country. Deaths have already been reported due to heatwave and lack of water. With the land dried up farmers are the most affected with a bleak future staring at them.

The other end of the pitch ! Precious water is being used up to water the green grass at big cricket grounds in drought affected areas. We seem to have turned a blind eye to our fellow drought stricken countrymen just for the love of enjoying cricket. Controversies have erupted but the situation doesn’t look like changing.

The Indian Premier League is a multi million dollar business which is all good for all of us Indians who love watching cricket. But at what cost is the question we should be asking ourselves.

Trying to skirt the controversy by sending a few water trains to drought affected areas doesn’t solve the issue.

IPL or water ? Something that we all need to give a thought. We can’t quench millions of thirsty parched throats through cricket.


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