Emirates on a roll聽

Great maneuvering skills at Amsterdam Schiphol  ! Super pilots 馃檹 @emirates 


Qatar Airways additional frequencies to Salalah

Qatar Airways will operate an additional 10 flights per week from Doha to Salalah during the Khareef rainy season from 1st June to 30th September 2016. Equipment will be a mix of Airbus A320/A321 aircraft.

Salalah is the only place in the Gulf that receives the monsoon rains when the rest of the region gets literally roasted in the hot summer months. This makes it a top holiday spot for families during the summer.

Pacific Ocean earthquakes聽

Japan was first hit by a massive earthquake on the western side of the Pacific Ocean.

Next to be hit was Ecuador which was on a massive scale bringing with it death and destruction. Ecuador lies on the eastern end of the Pacific Ocean.
Probably there is a connection between both the quakes. Something for the scientific community to ponder over and and develop mechanisms for better prediction of earthquakes.

Qatar Airways to launch new sectors

路 ADL ( Adelaide ) flights effective 02nd May 2016

路 EVN ( Yerevan ) flights effective 15th May 2016

路 ATL ( Atlanta ) flights effective 1st Jun 2016

路 RAK ( Marrakech ) flights effective 1st Jul 2016

路 PSA ( Pisa ) flights effective 1st Aug 2016

路 SJJ ( Sarajevo ) flights effective 7th Sep 2016

路 WDH ( Windhoek ) flights effective 27th Sep 2016

路 HEL ( Helsinki ) flights effective 10th Oct 2016

路 AKL ( Auckland ) flights effective 2nd Dec 2016

路 KBV ( Krabi ) flights effective 5th Dec 2016 and

路 SEZ ( Seychelles ) flights effective 11th Dec 2016

Manchester United finally wins !


Manchester United won finally in ages. A 1-0 victory against Aston Villa thanks to a super goal by youngster Marcus Rashford. 

Aston Villa were relegated from the Premier League with this loss. Man Utd’s win lacked the usual firepower and the defence was found lacking many a time. It wasn’t a convincing win to any diehard supporter, they just managed to scrape through.

Cricket quenches the thirst ?

Millions in India are going through a severe drought affecting a major part of the country. Deaths have already been reported due to heatwave and lack of water. With the land dried up farmers are the most affected with a bleak future staring at them.

The other end of the pitch ! Precious water is being used up to water the green grass at big cricket grounds in drought affected areas. We seem to have turned a blind eye to our fellow drought stricken countrymen just for the love of enjoying cricket. Controversies have erupted but the situation doesn’t look like changing.

The Indian Premier League is a multi million dollar business which is all good for all of us Indians who love watching cricket. But at what cost is the question we should be asking ourselves.

Trying to skirt the controversy by sending a few water trains to drought affected areas doesn’t solve the issue.

IPL or water ? Something that we all need to give a thought. We can’t quench millions of thirsty parched throats through cricket.

Car door opening etiquette聽

You park your car in the mall parking or office parking or wherever and by the time you return you would be lucky if your car door is not scratched or dented.

Nowadays people have no sense of respect for other people’s vehicles and just don’t bother when opening the door. It becomes a habit and adds to the misery of many car owners daily.
One solution to the problem ! Let’s see if it works 馃槈 

To be continued…