Losing my religion

depression, depressed, lonely

Losing my religion – The classic hit by one of my favourite bands REM kind of sums up the way a lot of us feel nowadays. Where do you turn to in times of necessity, desperation, loneliness….the list is unending.

So do you try to smoke your problems away ? Or drink it down real hot ? Or try something suicidal such as driving like a maniac ?

Or do you try to find refuge in the Almighty ? 

Or confide in your family and friends ? 
Nowadays is there someone that you could really lean your shoulders on and take the burden off ?

Think again, every single individual is busy nowadays living his/her own life and sticking to the age old mantra “I, Me and Myself”.

These are times when we need to dig deep within and discover our inner strengths and gifts that help us achieve what we want in life. Always go by your instinct and do something that you always love.

Criticism is right round the corner but that shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals. Over time you will begin loving yourself, respecting who you are and finally realizing your strengths and weaknesses. This is the beauty of life.

There are good days and bad days but every day cannot be good or bad throughout right ? Wait for your time…for Someone has planned out each second of your life, never get depressed, try to shrug off failures and always stay positive.

We need to find PEACE within. Only then can we spread positivity around. Only then can we be happy. Nobody can buy peace, it’s a commodity which each one of us needs to produce, embrace, spread…

Religions can be different but we all know that there is an Almighty aura looking down on us and that’s the reason why we look up every single day searching, praying, singing, meditating… 

Religion – it’s something that we can never lose, ever.


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