Vacation – time to relax

It’s always a great feeling getting home on vacation after a full year slogging away in a foreign land. The sights and smells take you back to your childhood days when everything was so easy, so slow.

As we grew up we yearned for the pace, fast, breakneck speed… It all went on fine till we reached a stage when our bodies could take it no more. We had to slow down but after all the full speed, life would not allow us to do so.

new leaves, fresh leaves, new life
Vacations nowadays are no longer like long siestas and good food and sightseeing. How many of us can stay for a day or an hour or a few minutes without checking our office mail ? Social media updates are another matter as they need to be checked on a minute to minute basis.

Don’t we all need to rejuvenate ? Become fresh like the bunch of new leaves ? Its imperative that in our fast paced lives we need to take a break, slow down and then go back fresh.

Happy holidays and wish one and all the freshness of life.