Red Bull F1 showrun in Muscat

A clip of the Red Bull F1 showrun in Muscat.


Red Bull F1 showrun in Muscat

This post has been delayed, it’s nearly the next weekend here !!!

The showrun was held in a dramatic landscape with the mountains and sea surrounding the venue. To add a little excitement to the already much hyped event the heavens opened up β˜”οΈπŸŽ

Formula 1 in wet weather is really exciting to watch and this turned out to be really good with former world champion David Coulthard displaying what a Formula 1 car is capable of doing. Wet conditions meant that speed had to be forfeited but all in all a superb afternoon spent in the rain watching a F1 car and listening to it’s thunderous engine.

A well organized event by Red Bull and the Oman Automobile Association.