Mr. Tony Cozier – commentator personified

tony cozier
The much respected cricket commentator Mr. Tony Cozier from the West Indies is no more. He was the voice of West Indies cricket and was always a delight to hear, crisp and to the point. Cricket tours to the West Indies were much looked forward to – for the scenery, music and celebrations at the grounds and for some of us just to to listen to Tony’s commentary.

Cricket commentary is nowadays like any commercial business with every retired national or international cricketer making a beeline to be on the air. But none will have the flair and indepth knowledge as the commentators of yesteryears like Tony Greig and Tony Cozier.

Rest in peace Mr. Tony Cozier, cricket will miss you πŸ™πŸ


Veenu’s ride to eternityΒ 

She was a pioneer of bike riding in India – for women. She entered an area dominated by the male bastion. Always a fighter, she epitomized a strong love for the outdoors and surely loved what she did.

It’s shocking to have known of her passing. She died doing what she love most.

To Veenu Paliwal, may you keep riding forever, we love you a lot. Respect. RIP.